Qualifications for membership Groups and organizations who are related to facilities, health care, various service industries and other related bodies who agree with the policies of the Forum on Thermalism and those groups, organizations and individuals who can take part in the organizational committee.
Fees Application fee: free
Annual dues: 50,000 yen
Support funds: 50,000 yen per unit
Contributions (increments of 50,000 yen)
Foundations, groups and individuals wishing to support the Forum
Application method Send the records and membership application form and fees to the address of the President
(new members are appointed full-time members after approval by the Board of Directors)
Those who wish further information, please contact the address below:

Organization Committee for the Forum on Health and Thermalism
Tel: 03-3320-8126 Fax: 03-3320-0586
Bank account for membership Bank: Sakura Bank, Hatagaya Branch
Name of Account: Kenko to Onsen Forum Jikkou Iinkai
Account Number: Regular account 6471500
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